Une vision collective, humaine et insolite d'un monde en image

THE SUMMER REBELLION - "Bedouins and Beauty Queens"

The last of three music videos from the album Strength & Beauty, made in collaboration with La Film Fabrique, Belgium's #1 filmmaking collective! Check out their work on filmfabrique.net

Bedouins & Beauty Queens. Nomads lost in a world too large. From port to port, sleeping on the sands, waiting for a train in the broken dusk. Waiting in vain to put down roots and drink from the cup of old age and wisdom. We're all looking for a home.

In November 2014, The Summer Rebellion and La Film Fabrique got together to produce three music videos in 6 days in the context of LFF Visions: three directors working in parallel on the same theme (in this case, TSR) to create, promote, and compare their personal styles. This video is the third of the three made. We hope you enjoy!

Watch and listen to more of The Summer Rebellion: thesummerrebellion.com

Production : La Film Fabrique (filmfabrique.net)

    Director: Jean Amoris
    Director of Photography: Raf Van Sitteren
    Editor: Mathieu Giraud
    1st Assistant Director: Fazia Benhadj
    1st Assistant Camera: Loic Carrera
    Electrical Gaffer: Lucile Le Marois
    Set design: Mathurin Malbreil
    Set design assistants: Arthur Amoris, Julie Pironet
    Costumes: Melanie Chauprade
    Location manager/Catering : Sanna Abdessalem
    Light assistants: Olivier Jourdain, Dragan Markovic, Alessandro Giannella
    Set photographer: Dragan Markovic
    Bushmen : Arthur Amoris, Mathurin Malbreil, Alessandro Giannella
    Thanks: Luc Noël


    David Koczij as the foolish bourgeois
    Arthur Bacon as the stalking cock/majordomo
    Dragan Markovic as the vicious stag/groundskeeper
    Daniel Ostrowski as the furious rabbit
    Mathurin Malbreil as the wise old pig
    Tico Koczij as himself/the king of all he surveys
    Gudrun the poule as the second course
    Rabbit le lapin as the third course